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104th FW History

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23 August 1942 333rd Fighter Squadron USAAF Activated
January 1943 333rd Fighter Squadron USAAF assigned to 318th Fighter Group 11, 7th Air Force
24 May 1946 333rd Fighter Squadron USAAF re-designated 131st Tactical Fighter Squadron Air National Guard
1946 to 1951 P-47D Thunderbolt flown at the 104th
1951 to 1954 P-51D Mustang flown at the 104th
1954 to 1957 F-94A Starfire flown at the 104th
1957 to 1965 F-86H Sabre flown at the 104th

1 October 1961 to 

20 August 1962

131st Tactical Fighter Squadron assigned to 17th Air Force USAFE in support of Operation Stair Step Phalsbourg Air Base, France
20 August 1962 131st Tactical Fighter Squadron and the 104th Tactical Fighter Group assigned to the MA Air National Guard
1964 to 1971 F-84F Thunderstreak flown at the 104th
1971 to 1979 F-100D Super Sabre flown at the 104th
1979 to Present A-10A Thunderbolt II aircraft flying at the 104th
January 1991 Participated in Operation Desert Storm
1 June 1992 131st Tactical Fighter Squadron and the 104th Tactical Fighter Group re-designated 131st Fighter Squadron and 104th Fighter Group
December 1992 Participated in Operation Restore Hope
August to October 1995 Participated in Operations Deny Flight and Deliberate Force
October 1995 104th Fighter Group re-designated the 104th Fighter Wing
14 May to 1 July 1999 Participated in Operations Allied Force and Noble Anvil
12 Sep 2001 to Present Participated in Operations Noble Eagle, Enduring Freedom, and Iraqi Freedom


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Located at Barnes ANGB, the 104th Fighter Wing, an operational flying unit assigned to the Air Combat Command, claims the honor of being one of the oldest flying units within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Its heritage extends back to August of 1942 when the 333FS was activated under the U.S. Army Air Force. On April 10, 1946 the first meeting of the 131st Fighter Squadron was held and six months later Barnes Airport, now known as Barnes Municipal Airport, was selected as the home of this unit. Today its pilots fly A/OA-10 Warthogs from the modern runways at the Barnes Air National Guard Base as well as employ 800 traditional guardsmen and 200 AGR/Military Technicians. These 1000 guardsmen account for an annual 19.1 million dollar payroll. Its mission is to maintain highly trained, well-equipped, and motivated military forces in order to provide combat-ready A/OA-10 aircraft and support elements in response to wartime and peacetime tasking under state or federal authority.

In its 2005 BRAC Recommendations, DoD recommended to realign Bradley International Airport Air Guard Station by distributing the 103rd's A-10s to the 104th Fighter Wing, Barnes Municipal Airport Air Guard Station, MA (nine aircraft) and retirement (six aircraft). The wing’s expeditionary combat support (ECS) elements would remain in place at Bradley and Bradley would retain capability to support a Homeland Defense mission. By combining the two units into one squadron the Air Force would retain the trained A-10 pilots and maintenance technicians in the area and create an optimum-sized and more effective squadron.

In another recommendation, DoD recommended to close Otis ANGB, MA. The 253d Combat Communications Group, and 267th Communications Squadron would remain in place at Otis, with 104th Fighter Wing at Barnes providing administrative support as the parent wing.




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